6 Popular Area Rugs Trends in 2023 For Rug Shoppers To Know About!

There are all sorts of awesome trends permeating throughout the home décor industry in 2023, and this also applies to area rugs and the many different styles that people are continuously growing interest within.

We’ve teamed up with the rug aficionados over at Rug Source to develop this list of popular area rug trends for this year, so here are some of the latest industry trends that rug shoppers should know about!

Vintage Area Rugs & Vintage-Esque Rugs

Vintage rugs have been wildly popular for many years, and this is partly because most rug shoppers love the older aesthetics associated with these styles. There’s something that says timeless class with a vintage area rug, which is why a lot of rug manufacturers are also designing cheaper options that look vintage in 2023.

So, even if you don’t have quite the budget to invest in an authentic vintage rug, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from within this desirable niche!

Earthy Area Rug Hues

Warmer natural colors are growing in popularity this year as well, and this is a trend that’s permeating throughout the entire home décor industry.

When it comes to area rugs, this has subsequently led to earthy hues (warm rusts, golden yellows, olive greens, and clay colors) to blow up in overall appeal via online marketplaces.

Performance-Based Area Rugs

A lot of rug shoppers in 2023 are prioritizing functionality and practicality over aesthetics, and this makes sense considering just how hectic our home lives tend to be with pets and children.

Cleaning area rugs can be difficult for many households, which is why we’re now seeing very durable, cheaper materials being used for rugs that’ll still look wonderful in living rooms and other high-traffic household areas. Indoor-outdoor rugs and machine-washable rugs are also very popular this year due to their convenient functionality!

Natural, Texturized Rugs

A lot of people aren’t as interested in rug colors as they are with rug texture, and certain materials like sisal, wool and jute are becoming staples throughout American households in 2023.

It’s expected that texture variations and all sorts of texturized designs will continue to flourish throughout the rest of this year and into the next.

Unusually Shaped Area Rugs

Gone are the days of rectangular area rugs dominating the entire industry like a hegemonic geopolitical power, because today’s rug shoppers are increasingly more interested in unusual shapes.

Some of these shapes include round rugs, scalloped edges, squiggle profiles, square rugs, notched edges, custom cutouts, and really anything that strays away from the rectangular status quo.

These unique rugs can do wonders for a room’s ambience, particularly in tighter areas where you’d like your rug to work around furniture and other architectural parameters.

Colorblock Designs

Bold, modern area rugs are using colorblock designs more than ever before in 2023, and these elevated designs are using geometric shapes to tie entire rooms together via creative décor techniques.

It’s understandable if you’d like your new rug to be a true piece of art that stands out within your home décor, and this trend is growing because of this ongoing added emphasis towards unique rug styles!

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